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This document presents the privacy policy of our landing page, accessible through the Internet at (hereinafter referred to as the 'landing page').

We respect any concerns you may have about the confidentiality of the information and personal data processed in connection with your navigation of our landing page. This policy allows you to obtain additional information about the nature and use we make of the personal data you provide to us on the landing page, the origin and use of the browsing information processed during your consultation of our landing page, and also about the Your rights.

By using our landing page you are accepting the terms and conditions of this document.

We may change this policy at any time and such changes will be effective immediately.

1. Identity and contact details of controller

The landing page is operated by Política de Privacidade e Cookies || SLivv as controller in accordance with applicable personal data law, hereinafter referred to as Política de Privacidade e Cookies || SLivv.

2. Grounds for legitimacy of data processing

2.1 Through the landing page we may collect personal data (hereafter your data), transmitted in the contact form.

2.2 In addition to the data transmitted in the contact form, the Data collected about you and processed by our landing page also depends on the services used, your choices and the configuration of your device (in particular regarding cookies and other connection statements): your full name, email address, postal address, and telephone number.

3. Purposes

3.1 Basis of legitimacy of data processing

This way, your Data is collected for the purpose of:
- answer your questions through the contact form;
- send you information about our offers, news and events (newsletters);
- evaluate geographic, demographic and statistical data;

4. Period of retention of your data

Data concerning you, collected and processed through the contact form will be kept only during the processing of your request. They will then be destroyed unless you have subscribed to our newsletter. In this case, your data will be kept for a period of three (3) years from its collection. At the end of this period, we may contact you again to confirm that you would like to continue to receive our communications about offers, news and events. Your Data will be destroyed within the applicable timeframe of your subscription cancellation request. Finally, connection logs collected with your consent, in the context of cookies and other connection statements set up on our Landig Page, will be kept for a period not exceeding thirteen (13) months.

5. Recipients of data

5.1 The personal information provided is intended for the Política de Privacidade e Cookies || SLivv.

5.2 In addition, your personal data may be disclosed to third parties to:
* Comply with requirements imposed by law or by competent governmental or judicial authorities;
* Meet requirements necessary to bring or sustain a court case or defense in a lawsuit;
* Be reported to the police or judicial authorities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and upon a formal request by the authorities for the purpose of preventing fraud against us (anti-fraud services).

6. Data Security and Confidentiality

We endeavor to take all precautions necessary to preserve the confidentiality and security of personal data processed and to prevent them from being distorted, damaged, destroyed or unauthorized third parties from accessing them. State-of-the-art technical and organizational security measures have been developed, especially as regards information systems. However, we do not control all risks related to Internet use and we draw visitors' attention to the possible risks associated with its use and operation.

7. Your rights

In accordance with applicable law, the User has the right to access and rectify his Data, as well as the right to request its deletion, oppose its processing and obtain its limitation or portability to the extent applicable. You may also object to your data being used for the purpose of creating your customer profile; In this case, you will not be able to benefit from personalized offers or services. These requests must be made via email sent In addition, you may at any time request to stop receiving our communications about offers, news and events by using the appropriate hypertext link at the end of each email we send you.

Right to file a complaint

For any questions regarding the collection and processing of your Data by, you can contact by email and customer service at the following .

You can also lodge a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD), R. de São Bento 148, 1200-031 Lisbon, about the way in which collects and processes your data.

8. Cookies or Connection Testimonials

8.1 What are cookies?

A cookie or connection statement is a text file that can be stored on a dedicated space on your Terminal's hard drive (ie computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) through the browser you use to view our Site, according to your browser settings. This cookie file allows its issuer to identify the Terminal in which it is registered during the cookie's validity or registration period.

By viewing our Site, information regarding your Terminal's navigation on our Site may be stored in cookie files installed on your Terminal.

8.2 Cookies We Issue On Our Landing Page

From the moment you enter our Site, we may, subject to your choice, install cookies on your Terminal, which allow us to recognize your Terminal's browser during the validity period of the cookie in question.

The cookies we issue allow us to:

  • - Establish statistics and volumes of traffic and use of the various elements that make up our Site (pages and content visited, routes), allowing us to improve the interest and ergonomics of our services;
  • - count the total number of ads served to our ad slots, identify those ads, their number of views, the number of users who clicked on each ad, and, if necessary, subsequent actions taken by those users on the pages for which they are served. These ads direct them to calculate the amounts due to the agents in the ad chain (communication agency, ad network, site / media) and to establish statistics;
  • - adapt the display of our Site and advertising space to your Terminal's display preferences (language used, screen resolution, operating system, etc.) when you visit our Site, in accordance with the display and playback hardware and software. that your device includes;
  • - adapt the advertising content of our Site and our offers, according to your browser, the purchases you may make and / or according to the location data (latitude and longitude) displayed by your Terminal (with your agreement). prior);
  • - to the extent that you have provided us with personal data, including your electronic contact details, when you sign up or access any of our services, associate that data with navigational information for the submission of, for example, electronic searches. or display on your Terminal, within the scope of the advertising space we issue, personalized advertisements specifically intended for you that may be of interest to you;
  • - adapt the advertising content displayed on your Terminal through our advertising spaces, according to your device's navigation on our Site or location data (latitude and longitude) transmitted by your terminal (with your prior agreement);
  • - store information contained in a form you fill out on our Site (registration) or the products, services or information you have chosen on our Site (subscribed service, etc.);
  • - implement security measures, for example, when you are asked to reconnect to content or service after a certain period of time.

8.3 Your Cookie Options

There are several options available for managing cookies. Any setting you choose may change your Internet browsing and access conditions to services that require the use of cookies. You may choose to register and change your cookie options at any time by the following means: described.

(a) Accept cookies

The registration of cookies in a Terminal is subject to the choice of the Terminal user, who can communicate and change their preference at any time and for free through the options offered by your browser. If you have accepted in your browser the registration of cookies in your Terminal, the cookies included in the pages and content you have consulted may be temporarily stored in a dedicated area of ??your Terminal, only readable by their issuer.

(b) Reject cookies

If you reject the registration of cookies on your Terminal, or delete those that are already registered, you will no longer be able to benefit from a number of features that are, however, required to navigate in some areas of our Site. This would be the case if you try to access our content or services that require your identification. This is also the case when we - or our service providers - are unable to recognize, in terms of technical compatibility, the type of navigation program used by your Terminal, your language and display settings or the country from which you are using. your Terminal is connected to the Internet.

In this case, we assume no responsibility for the consequences of the malfunctioning of our services resulting from the impossibility of Política de Privacidade e Cookies || SLivv to register or view cookies necessary for its operation that have been rejected or deleted by you.

(c) How to exercise your options according to the browser you use?

For the management of cookies and their options, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will let you know how to change your cookie options.

8.3.1 'Flash' Cookies © from 'Adobe Flash Player'

'Adobe Flash Player' is a computer application that enables the rapid development of dynamic content using the 'Flash' computer language. The Flash application (and similar applications) stores the settings, preferences and use of such content through cookie-like technology. However, 'Adobe Flash Player' ? manages this information and your options through an interface other than that provided by your browser.

Se o seu Terminal tiver capacidade para visualizar conteúdos desenvolvidos com a linguagem Flash, desafiamo-lo a aceder às suas ferramentas de gestão de cookies Flash diretamente a partir do site

9. Data Usage

We undertake not to transfer or sell personal data to any third parties other than affiliates or partners, unless we have previously informed you in any notice, agreement or information available on the Site, or have already given us your express consent, or that the law requires it.

If we are required by law or court order to disclose personal data concerning you, we undertake, as far as possible, to notify you (unless Política de Privacidade e Cookies || SLivv reasonably consider not being authorized to do so in the light of any legal or judicial obligations

Given the state of the art, especially that generally applied to telecommunications networks, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality, integrity or authentication of email messages you send or receive from us Política de Privacidade e Cookies || SLivv.

10. Applicable law

In the event of a dispute or claim of any kind related to this website, Portuguese law shall apply regardless of any conflict of applicable laws. All legal actions or procedures arising out of or related to this Privacy, Security and Data Protection Policy, their validity, enforcement, compliance or failure to comply, or the subject matter of this Privacy Policy, will be the responsibility of the Portuguese courts, and you consent to this. and submits to the jurisdiction of these courts in the cases indicated.

Version Updated February 1, 2019
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